Your IP address details can be known to anyone who wishes to know while you are browsing on the internet, even though you’re in private or incognito mode. If your security is flawed or your internet firewall is weak, then any sort of information or data uploaded or download is exposed. In addition, your activities online are being recorded by your ISP. What this means is that any activities you do online, a trace or link is left behind which hackers or the government can track. Have you ever come across with the idea of using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A VPN is a network that allows for encrypted and safe connection over poorly secured networks like the internet for instance. There are several VPNs available in the market today. However, finding the right VPN which is secure and reliable is quite a difficult task. This is why ExpressVPN comes in highly recommended.

Ever since ExpressVPN launched into the market, it has been able to successfully display its level of professionalism and uniqueness with top quality service and great customer support thus making it the number one choice among many internet users.

With extremely high-speed internet download and solid security features, ExpressVPN has been able to develop a very positive reputation. They have been able to make internet browsing fun, safe and fast by going only through a VPN tunnel. Internet connections on ExpressVPN are very fast, and you’ll hardly notice any lags while streaming videos online.

ExpressVPN is based out of the British Virgin Islands, and they have the capacity to offer their users the best encryption technology available in the world, unlimited bandwidth and also access to multiply servers spread across the globe.

ExpressVPN, like I have mentioned earlier is one of the most professional and comprehensive VPN provider in the world today. It currently has access to more than two thousand servers worldwide located in about 94 different countries globally. If one server goes off, connection will be transferred to another, this is done to minimize downtime and allow users enjoy uninterrupted access. For total security, ExpressVPN makes use of AES-256 along with RSA certificate which is identified by making use of the hashing algorithm SHA-512 belonging to the SHA-2 group.

ExpressVPN strictly enforces it’s no logs policy, meaning that they do not hold records of any sorts of user activities, visited sites or downloaded contents. It is a massive advantage if you are concerned about privacy.

Going with ExpressVPN opens you to the following benefits:

  • Unlimited bandwidth with high speed internet connection spanning over 2,000 servers.
  • Lovely User experience. Compatible with different OS such as Windows (10/8/7), iOS, Mac, Android and Linux.
  • Makes use of 256-bit encryption to transfer data across the internet.
  • Can connect 3 different devices simultaneously.
  • Excellent customer service support.
  • One-month money back guarantee.

ExpressVPN goes beyond data protection and encryption, you can also get around with internet censorship, and you get to access websites or content that have been blocked with little or no issues. ExpressVPN is gradually becoming the go-to product for those looking to bypass website restrictions and blocked content.

Using ExpressVPN is rather simple and very straightforward, all you need to do is select your preferred VPN server either via mobile or desktop. As soon as you are connected to the internet, your traffic would be encrypted. This prevents your connection from being exposed to the prying eyes. The ability to connect to Express VPN hides your location, IP address and internet activities from other users.

With round the clock customer service and a mean response time of 30 minute, you are open to whatever assistance you need.

Similar to other VPN service providers, ExpressVPN has a package that provide discounts to users with prolonged subscription period. You get subscribe to ExpressVPN for as low as $12.95 monthly of single subscription or $9.99 monthly for 6 months’ subscription, if you decide to go for a year subscription it goes down to $8.32 a month.